For Artists

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If you’re interested in performing, email or call (703) 992-3508. Please include links to online performances, references, suggested program, etc. Our performances are always top-notch.

All performances are now all “Hybrid” — online (see the Emerson Avenue Salonline YouTube channel ) with limited live audiences (2-12 people.)

We do not pay performers but we provide wine and pie! You may sell CDs, link to your website, and ask for donations. Occasionally, we hold fundraisers to benefit organizations, not individuals. With our donation-doubling program, however, artists have done very well.

All performances are nominally one hour, beginning at 7:30 PM (Eastern) on Sunday. You can broadcast from your location most performances happen here. If you perform here, you may arrive at any time (6:30 is “nominal”) and relax or practice. Please let us know when you plan to arrive. We have a Kawai 5’10” grand piano.

We encourage you to speak to the audience. We can “mix in” video and audio recordings, pictures, documents, etc.

Our goal is to provide information about your event on this website at least a week prior to the performance.


There are three principal “Public Relations” aspects components for each salon. In the order participants see them:

  • The Email Notification (previously, an invitation)
  • The website (this)
  • The YouTube video broadcast ( at the “Emerson Avenue Salonline” channel)

We believe that these work together best if they are coordinated — meaning same ensemble name/logo, show title, description, etc. But each has limitations, which we will sort out. Here’s what you need to send us:

  1. (Optional) Your ensemble’s name
  2. Individual names exactly as you want them to appear.
  3. The instruments to be played
  4. The title of the show. Make it catchy and accurate. E.g., “Greatest Tunes You’ve Never Heard”
  5. A description of the program — brief or lengthy.
  6. Pictures. If you have performed here in the last decade, we probably have pictures of you but more pictures are always helpful. We can weave pictures into a collage that tells a bigger story (e.g., “fun” and serious pictures.) We’ll put pictures on the website, the email invitation and YouTube and they can all be the same or different with good effect.
  7. (Optional – website) the program (subject to change, of course!)
  8. (Optional – website) bio’s — Include media praise , interesting tidbits, web links.
  9. Notification prose: “Join us for an evening of …”. This is the most important part. Convince people that they should take the time to tune in! Don’t be shy — sell yourselves! We can try to make this stuff up but you know so much more about this particular program, what you do and why people should tune in. We don’t know how you want to be represented — gushing with praise, or demur; bragging or withheld. You need to put the words into our mouths; we’ll make slight changes if necessary.
  10. YouTube search terms. E.g., “Classical music”, “lute”, “violin” “Celtic”, “Romantic”

See “Previous Salons” for examples.