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Sunday August 28, 2022 — 7:30 PM EST
Emerson Avenue Salonlines Proudly Presents
a Live YouTube Broadcast

– A “hybrid” concert –

Ramón Tasat

“A Time to Embrace”

A month away from the Jewish High holidays, we reflect on the year that is leaving and we ask for a New year full of healing and renewal.

‘How can we determine the hour of dawn when the night ends and the day begins?’

‘When you can look into the face of another human being, and you have enough light in you to recognize your sister or your brother.            From FINDING MY WAY HOME by Henri Nouwen 


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7:30 Sharp! YouTube Performance
8:35-ish Zoom Reception (2 mins after performance ends)
9:30-ish Dessert and wine


To watch the YouTube broadcast of this performance, click the following link:

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You are encouraged to participate in a Zoom reception with our performers. To do that, you need to download and and install the Zoom application and, after the performance (~8:30PM), click on the following link :

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We are delighted with how many of you have come along with us on our venture into the “virtual” online world (here’s to virtue!)  We hope to continue to host and broadcast Salonlines almost every Sunday evening at 7:30.

This is the new “normal” Emerson Avenue Salonline — the performance is obviously free but you can send a donation (which will be doubled!) to Ramón via PayPal (use my personal email,, Venmo (@EmersonAvenueSalons) or mail a check to Bill Ewing, 1508 Emerson Avenue, Mclean VA 22101. Our artists REALLY appreciate your show of support!

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Please give generously!

We will serve dessert and wine after the performance.

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