Here’s how to get directions to our house:

1) Click the “view larger map” below (either one.) But Wait!!

That will open a new window, so understand the following directions first:

2) When the new window fully loads, click on “Directions”.

3) Enter your address and hit Enter

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More Details:

Our house is set back from the street, up a little hill and largely hidden by foliage. A driveway wraps around the house. Enter at the REAR of the house but please leave your car on the street and walk up (you are welcome to load & unload at the rear of the house but please move your car as quickly as possible.) A little white “1508” sign at the corner of our driveway is usually blocked by trash cans most Sunday nights. Anyway, it’s the FIRST POSSIBLE RIGHT turn after you turn off or cross Whittier. When parking, please be aware of the fire hydrant opposite the drainage ditch near the mailboxes.

Phone: (703) 992-3508