Salon 2016-12-04 Close Your Eyes; Open Your Ears — Holly, Kari, Ruth

Sunday Dec. 4, 2016 in Mclean:

Close Your Eyes; Now, Open Your Ears!

sorey_cyenoye-4-crop-webIt’s hard to say summarize this show. It begins with fossil studies of ferns pre-dating the paleozoic era and traverses modern philosophy, focusing principally on Goethe and his influence on Mahler.

—–      About the Artists      —–

These three ladies’ reputations precede them…

Ruth Schaaf:

National Symphony Orchestra violist Ruth had an incredible education and has done lots of really great stuff — certainly more than we have room for here. She has played for the NSO for a good long while, but there is a lot more to say. Suffice it to say you don’t want to miss this show just because she is an amazing musician.

Kari Paludan:

Kari also, interestingly, had an impressive education and does things both amazing and incredible when she has time off from doing the near-impossible. Her experience as a singer is matched only by the good things people have to say about her golden voice. As with her colleagues, Kari encourages you to come to this show and be amazed yet again.

Holly Hamilton:

Holly is the only member of the group whose name rhymes with “Golly” and by golly she also has an incredible curriculum vitae (unfortunately recently misplaced) which features not only playing with the NSO first-fiddle section but also a good many other things including — you guessed it — an impressive education, studying under the auspices of many notable musicians. Holly is somewhat famous for saying “Don’t miss this great show, and be sure to bring your kids!”

Note this was NOT a “normal” , Sunday night salon

6:00: Arrive (bring something to drink, please!)

6:30: Performance

7:30 dessert — No Dinner!