Salon 2015-05-10 “Three for a Song” — “Breaking Bad: Sinful Songs Of the 1920’s and 30’s”

On May 10, 2015: “Three For a Song” returned to bring us …

“Breaking Bad: Sinful Songs Of the 1920’s and 30’s”

TFAS with HornsNationally acclaimed and “outstandingly talented trio” Three For A Song return to Emerson Avenue with songs your mama probably never taught you. Join pianist, Alex Hassan, tenor, Doug Bowles, and soprano, Kari Paludan, for a hilarious and scandalous evening of sinfully good tunes with decidedly bawdy predilections. Equal parts double-entendre, sexy, sophisticated and downright naughty; you’ve never heard George Gershwin and his ilk like this! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

To attend this salon, you’ll need a signed permission slip from either parent. (If you have no parents, we can supply a stand-in for a fee.)