Salonline 2023-04-23 The Alfred Yun Trio

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Sunday April 23, 2022
Emerson Avenue Salonlines Proudly Presents
a Live YouTube Broadcast

– A “hybrid” concert –

The Alfred Yun Trio

Alfred Yun, piano
Yana Nikol, flute
Steve Arnold, bass

Jazz Meets the Korean American Experience

Alfred Yun is an in-demand pianist who has performed across the globe from South Korea to Boston and Washington DC. He has had the fortune of performing at venues and festivals like An Die Musik, Mr. Henry’s, KORUS Festival, Lake Anne Jazz Festival, and Jazz In the Country. You can also find him playing at restaurants, wineries, and vineyards in the DMV area. Recently, he’s been leading a series of duets at Lake Anne Coffeehouse. He also performs regularly at Capitol Cider House’s monthly jazz jam session. 

The subject of Alfred Yun’s compositions tend to be that of his identity: a Korean American man who grew up in both Korea and America. He attempts to explore the troubles involved in such an upbringing. The difficulties of acquiring a language as a teenager. Trying to fit into a society that does not have someone like him in mind. So many Asian Americans explore such themes of identity in songs, books, and other mediums. Alfred Yun tries to do so by incorporating Korean culture, traditional Korean music, and his philosophical background.

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