Salonline 2021-12-05 QuinTango — “From Mozart to The Milonga, Part 2”

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Sunday December 5, 2021
Emerson Avenue Salonlines Proudly Presents
a Live YouTube Broadcast

– A “hybrid” concert –


Eva Cappelletti-Chao (guest artist) & Joan Singer, violin
Susanna Mendlow, cello
Ali Cook, bass
Julie Huang Tucker, piano
Emmanuel Trifilio, bandoneon


How did five classically trained musicians end up in a touring tango band?
And where did they find an Argentine bandoneon player?

Group Biographies

Experience QuinTango: Hear the heartbeat of diaspora tango channeled by a quintet of top-notch female chamber musicians and their crackerjack bandoneon player. This is tango like you’ve never imagined it: classical chops, jazz harmonies, and intimate arrangements written for the group by outstanding composers in Buenos Aires and QuinTango’s Grammy-nominated composer/bandoneonist.  ‘Chamber tango’ is the result of this musical alchemy, a middle ground that draws in lovers of both classical and non-classical music to experience the stories, the culture, and the exhilaration of the life’s dramas re-told as tangos.

Over its 20-year history, QuinTango’s performances have ranged from The White House to memorable concerts in 27 states, at venues ranging from Stanford University and Lincoln Center Plaza, to the Kennedy Center and Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston. We’ve performed at international festivals in Costa Rica, Mexico and the Amalfi Coast—and toured in France, Italy, Guatemala, Argentina and Uruguay. 

QuinTango’s Fans & Friends tours combine music, adventure, and education.  Our next artists-as-diplomats tour is to Uruguay and Argentina in November 2022.  (Our Aloha tour to Hawaii, scheduled for January 2022, has been postponed to Spring 2023 because of COVID.)  The QuinTango family is welcoming, multi-generational and supportive.  We’d love to have you join us.  Join our mail list to get news of upcoming concerts and trips.   And check out the group’s youtube channel to see the latest videos.  

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