Salonline 2021-02-21 Alex Hassan

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Sunday February 21, 2021

Emerson Avenue Salonlines Proudly Presents
a live YouTube Broadcast…

Alex Hassan, piano


Extraordinary Melodies from the London & Broadway Stage, 1920s/30s

Alex the Inevitable again visits Emerson Ave, for another hour of rhythmic and romantic pianoodling.   For the most part, we’ll head over the pond, where some startlingly lovely stuff was getting published/performed, most of the time staying put (i.e., never making it to Broadway).  Our loss!  Alex will intersperse historical commentary & anecdotes, as in past shows, giving some context to music that, at this point in time, is known only to hard core devotees, enthusiasts, collectors.  London show titles will include LUCKY BREAK, TOP OF THE WORLD, and CRAZY DAYS, penned by the like of Harry Parr Davies, Billy Mayerl, and Harry Archer (an American on tour in England).

A rollicking medley from famed black songwriter/composer, James P. Johnson’s 20s show, RUNNIN’ WILD, will add some Broadway flavor.  Alex will also debut his latest grand fantasy, on themes of American songwriter, Johnny Green.  Might even be a few tunes in said medley that ring bells!