Salonline 2020-09-20 Alex Hassan presents “Tin Pan Alley Archeology”

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Sunday September 20, 2020

Alex Hassan



Late Romantic Melodies from the Outer Limits of Broadway & Hollywood.

Alex Hassan just can’t stay away from Emerson Avenue.  He’s a veritable syncopated solo piano streaming stalker.  And we let him in every time!!!

All seriousness aside,  the local pianoodler is back with some startlingly gorgeous tunes written [mostly] between the wars.  There’ll be a healthy mix of known and unknown, romantic and toe-tapping. You’ll hear veritable first performances of two unpublished 1920s piano novelties composed by one of the big three of ragtime, Joseph Lamb.  You’ll hear the premiere of a supremely charming novelty by the Baltimore Symphony’s musician for all seasons, Jonathan Jensen. It’s an uncanny tribute to 1920s/30s popular piano styles.  And you’ll hear a slew of songs that “could’ve been a contender”–if there weren’t already a slew of just such melodies.

Tune in, and take a well-deserved break from politics and pandemics.

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