Salonline 2020-09-06 Jen Ferguson, Artist

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Sunday September 6, 2020

Emerson Avenue Salonline Proudly Presents
a live Zoom Meeting/Presentation and YouTube Simulcast…

Jen Ferguson

“The Visual Menagerie:

A Studio Visit with Jen Ferguson”

A glimpse into the studio of a working artist in Brooklyn. Painter Jen Ferguson shares insights, routines, and inspirations while giving an in-depth tour of recent work.


Jen Ferguson is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, where her inspiration in architecture and the fantastical worlds of man, beast and imaginary creatures is rooted. Her most recent exhibit, “The Painted City” centered around iconic NYC architecture and depicted a city that is timeless, contemplative and spacious. She has recently created Installations for Red Rocks Casino and The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as artwork and menu design for Blue Ribbon Restaurants. She has completed residencies at Chateau Orquevaux in France, Manassas National Park and Fire Island National Park (where she created a yearly summer art workshop series for children). More of her work can be seen at 

Jen works in oils and watercolors. Much of her work is centered around city architecture and the urban environment, although she also has an affinity for depicting creatures both natural and imaginary.  Her oil paintings are lush and expressionistic while her watercolors are delicate and subtle; all of her works are lit by an inner and mysterious glowing chiaroscuro. Her architectural paintings depict a city that is timeless and contemplative, open and spacious. Her figurative works provide a decidedly mischievous and humorous counterpoint. Expect to see both sides of her oeuvre at the studio visit-and welcome! 

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