Salonline 2020-03-29 Alex Hassan and his Magic Fingers!

Sunday March 29, 2020

Emerson Avenue Salonline Proudly Debuted with

Alex Hassan

and his Magic Fingers

Feeling cooped up? Got those Cabin Fever / Corona Blues? Take a break from the pandemic pandemonium and mollify your malaise with melody! Sunday Night, March 29, we streamed our very first Emerson Avenue Salonline with music from an era that began at the end of the last big flu. You can watch a recording of this performance. Click the following link:

Emerson Avenue Salonline Presents Alex Hassan!

Cat videos, government-issued propaganda messages and concession advertisements fill the first half-hour; the performance begins at 28:45.

This is SOOooo exciting! We are delighted with how many of you took part of the launch of our big “sea change”! We plan to host and broadcast a Salonline every few Sunday evenings at 7:30 until this dreaded situation eases.