For Artists

IMG_0214 Empty Music Room from Landing- coarse

If you’re interested in performing — either here or in Sterling, call (703) 992-3508 or email Please include links to online performances, references, suggested program, etc. Performances are always top-notch.

We prefer you follow the schedule on the Tradition Page. We do not pay performers but we want you and your family to stay for a potluck-style dinner (artists and their families are not asked to contribute.) In Sterling, we provide a full Lebanese buffet dinner.

You may sell CDs and ask for donations. Occasionally, we hold fundraisers but these benefit organizations, not individuals.

You may arrive along with guests at 6:30 and relax in our modest “green room” where you can relax or practice in private with a bed and private bath. You are welcome to come earlier to rehearse here if you contact us first. We have a Kawai 5’10” grand piano in Mclean; in Sterling, it’s a Steinway.

We encourage you to speak to the audience. We are happy to print programs. We can provide a computer, projector and simple sound system if you arrange in advance.

We try to feature your event on the website at least 2 weeks prior to the performance. At a minimum, we need a name for your ensemble and preferably a name for the program. We’d like at least two pictures — one for the website; one for the email invitation. It’s useful to post a detailed description of the performance, the full program, biographies, and anything else you think will help interest people — see “Previous Salons” for examples.

ALSO, please send text for the first paragraph or so of the email invitation (e.g., “Please join us for a evening of zany comedy antics featuring the incredible blah blah blah…”) Others’ descriptions of your capabilities (e.g., media reviews) are helpful. We don’t like making this stuff up because your description will be more accurate and will better characterize the program.