Salon Chairs 96dpi


Please try not to arrive before 6:30. The schedule is:

  • 6:30: Appetizers & chat
  • 7:30 Performance
  • 8:30 Pot Luck Dinner


Important! Please bring both food and drink — more than you and your guests will consume (e.g., if you bring potatoes, imagine filling your plate with only potatoes. Add a similar plate for each of your guests and a half-plate for the performer. Bring that much.) If you are unsure what category of food to bring, make it an entree (or salad.) Your food must require little or no preparation here; we supply serving spoons, briefly warm items (375 degree oven, 10 minutes) and remove lids & wraps but please do everything else before you arrive. Guests will eat your food on a paper plate with fork and fingers only (so soup won’t work.) Appetizers should arrive at 6:30 sharp.


We would like to discourage you from bringing drinks into the music room for obvious reasons. Please turn off all electronic devices that emit sounds or light or could in any way distract others. If you want to take photographs, please ask — a limited number of people may take pictures and share them with others who ask (this website will soon have pictures of previous performances.) If you think you may need to leave during the performance, please select a chair near the exit. If you arrive late, please enter the far (North) end of the house and wait for applause to seat yourself. Also, please try to fill chairs at the far end of the rows so those seats are not difficult to access.


Please enter our driveway on the FAR end (up Hazen Place) and drive clockwise (as Google sees it) around the house. Unpack at the center door and have your driver continue on and park on the street. (Ask and I will be happy to park your car for you.) WARNING: there is a hard-to-see fire hydrant between the blackberry bushes and the mailboxes.


This tradition dates back to the mid 1970’s and takes place approximately once per month. Salons have nothing to do with Jackie’s ancestry! Jackie got the idea after taking a Smithsonian Associates’ class  on “The Salons of Europe”. She never intended this to be a “Salon”, but liked the idea of gathering people together for the purpose of listening to music or appreciating somebody’s art etc. This is a rare opportunity to see world-class talent in an intimate, informal setting.

Website Status

We’re still working on web-coordination. Many people have told us they aren’t getting emails — most frequently those with Verizon, Erols, AOL and Gmail addresses (In the case of Gmail, our invitations usually arrive in the “Promotions” folder.) If you aren’t getting emails, please check your spam folder. Our goal is to easily and accurately determine how many of you will attend and what food you will bring. If you have suggestions on how we might improve things, please send an email to the address listed on the “Current Salon” tab, above) or just call.